i5 OS V5R4M0 to V7R1M0 Upgrade Steps

The document contains planning and implementation instruction to upgrade a 9406-570 server with i5/OS V5R4 to IBM i V7R1.It is important to remember that the steps given below are specific to the server I have upgraded. A brief configuration of the server is given below

a)T/M - 9406/570 b)Processor- Power 5+ c)LoadSource DASD - 141 GB ( Usable DASD After RAID - 138 GB ) d)Current FMW level / Firmware Update Policy – SF240_338 or 2.4.0 , HMC Managed e)LIC - V5R4M0 f)HMC Level - V7.3.1 g)Total No of Partition - 5

PRE-UPGRADE PROCESS 1) Verify that server model meets the requirement to support the new release - /* 9406-570 can run any i5/OS from V5R3M0 to V7R1.*/ Refer to for i5/OS release to release mapping

2)Verify Firmware Requirement - /*With a power 5 LPAR being managed by HMC, minimum firmware level is SF240_332. The system firmware level was SF240_338 */

Refer to

3)When upgrading from V5R4 to V6R1 or V7R1, Review i5/OS Program Conversion: Getting Ready for i5/OS," REDP-4293

4)Required PTFS for upgrade to V7R1Mx ( Where X is the Modification Level of the LIC, Remember i5/0S comes only with Modification 0